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Our Approach

A holistic, innovative approach to financial planning that delves much deeper than just managing your investment portfolio, ensuring your financial plan is a unique reflection of you.

1. Our Initial Meeting

Getting started begins with us getting to know you better - your interests, activities, goals, and expectations of us.

The more familiar we are with the way you think and make decisions, the better our ability to make decisions that reflect your lifestyle, priorities, and ambitions.
Think of our relationship as a partnership, we always have your best interests in mind and strive for your success.

From there, we review the finer points of financial planning, focusing on seven key areas:

  • Cash Management
  • Insurance & Wealth Protection
  • Income Tax Strategies
  • Investment Mapping
  • Assistance to Loved Ones
  • Retirement Strategies
  • Estate Planning

Lastly, we discuss the cost of services and fees, our relationship models, and what you can expect from your partnership with us.

2. Data Compilation

One of the most important steps in helping you attain your financial milestones is determining what it is you have to work with. During this meeting, we’ll analyze your relevant financial information:

  • Assets and Investments
  • Savings and Retirement Accounts
  • Stock Portfolios and Bond Holdings
  • Debts and Expenditures
  • Summary of your Work Benefits
  • Plans for the Future

Now we begin the process of tailoring a financial plan that makes sense to you, reaffirming your goals and charting ways to attain them.

3. Opportunity Analysis

Once we’ve collected all relevant financial data and have developed a thorough understanding of your lifestyle goals, both near and long- term, we set to work putting your finances to work for you.

Next, we analyze your current financial situation:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses in terms or your financials?
  • What areas of untapped opportunity arise from your strengths in the current financial environment?

Using outside of the box strategic investment planning, we will capitalize on areas of potential growth within your financial situation.

4. Recommendation Analysis

Our objective as your advisor is to find “the” approach or strategy that best reflects your financial goals, risk tolerance, and aspirations.

After a comprehensive analysis of your specific objectives, we will recommend the one option, tailored specifically to you, that we feel is the best way forward.

5. Implementation

We put your individualized strategies into action. To ensure the benchmark is being met to your satisfaction, you will receive regular comprehensive progress reports, reviews, and updates to help you evaluate your financial strategies and investment portfolio:

  • ORION Quarterly Portfolio Reports
  • Riskalyze Current Portfolio Updates
  • Wealthscape/Fidelity tracking on value of assets
  • Access to eMoney profile of net worth and important accounts

6. Managing Goal Progress Year to Year

Our goal is to create a financial plan that adapts to changes as they happen.

As the economy fluctuates or life events change, your financial goals adapt right along with them, allowing you to take advantage of opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

Regular strategic reviews help ensure that.

Whatever life has in-store for you, we will be proactive in helping you make the most of it with our continuous support.

Revise Your Goals Each Year

Think of it as a tune up.

Every year, we meet with you to analyze and assess the performance of your financial plan, ensuring advancement with your goals and objectives.

It is during these consultations that we fine tune and adjust your portfolio to reflect changes in your investment goals, life changes and financial situation.

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